About Us

It is a sobering fact that school aged children lack the motivation to learn well by the time they enter upper elementary grades. Teachers are forced to “teach to the lowest common denominator” and are challenged by children who are ahead of their peers. This dilemma produces bright students with low motivation.

It is my desire to provide teaching materials that instill a love of learning in lower elementary age children so that they continue to learn with enthusiasm throughout their educational career.

To that end, I want to develop faith-based learning materials that provide inquisitive minds with enjoyable learning experiences that will inspire cherished memories in the years to come.

Two years from now.

In two years, I want to have a compilation of over 250 materials that are unique and challenging for children in their first two years of school that can be utilized as primary or supplementary sources by homeschoolers and others who educate young children. I want to become known as an advocate for young children’s strength and moral convictions, where people can find quality materials and information they can really use.

Motivating kids to want to learn is the goal here at EduKid Studio. That means there should be an emphasis on curiosity and creativity. All children are endowed with bright imaginations, and it is harnassing that aspect of early childhood education that will accomplish the goal. When things become rote and uninteresting, brighter children lose interest and those who are not stellar learners to begin with become stale and disinterested. Joyce Fetteroll says “Look for delight in life and it will infect your kids.” At EduKid Studio, that makes good sense.

The task at hand, whether you are homeschooling, unschooling, or deschooling, is to find ways to motivate kids that will keep their curiosity and energy alive. And I want to help you do that.

So, welcome to EduKidStudio.

Together, we are going to help your child become a life-long learner.