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Books for Young Readers Author Focus: Andrea Beaty

Books for Young Readers

My granddaughter is six years old.

She learned to read this year, and one of the first things I did was start looking for great books that would inspire her to continue reading. Finding great books for young readers is not as easy as it sounds! But when I discovered Andrea Beaty, I knew these would be books R would find fascinating, fun and favorite.

So who is Andrea Beaty?

In my book, she’s a genius. Her humorous picture books are filled with characters who are passionate doers. They are ever curious. Creativity positively explodes from their young minds and they are innovative and persistent in solving their unique problems.

Andrea’s books have been awarded the Friends of American Writers Award, Parents Choice Silver and Gold Medals, Bank Street College Best Books, National Association of Parenting Publications Gold medals. And now, the Prairie State Award.

Who are the characters?

IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT is a young man with an obsessive love of architecture. ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER is an inventive young lady who is amazing in her approach to building and making. ADA TWIST, SCIENTIST uses science to understand the world around her. All three of these amazing books in rhyme also have companion project books so your budding scientist, engineer or architect can pursue the passion within.

Get the books.

In full disclosure, if you click on any of these images, they will take you to Amazon where you can order the books. I will receive a small commission, but even if I didn’t, I would highly recommend Ms. Beaty’s books. They are, quite simply, brilliant.

We started out with ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER. My granddaughter loved it, and we had fun (and still do) reading it together over and over. At first, since she had just learned to read, it was a bit much for her. But now that she’s nearing her seventh birthday and has a school-year of reading under her belt, she easily reads it to her four-year-old brother.

Next we got IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT. The story revolves around a young boy who loves buildings. Unfortunately for him, his teacher does not and forbids architecture in her classroom.

ADA TWIST, SCIENTIST features a girl who uses science to explore and understand the world around her. Brilliant!

Do some projects!

Books for Young Readers

Books for Young Readers

Books for Young Readers

If you’re looking for books for young readers, start here.

These challenging books will become all-time favorites with their beautifully-rhymed words and engaging artwork by David Roberts. Encourage the visionary in your child while you share books you’ll both love.

Download a free reading log and certificate.

While you’re here, download a free reading log and certificate so your young reader can visualize the results of time spent in the pages of great books for young readers! Just click on the image.

books for young readers

books for young readers